JSC "RRI" Electronstandart "offers a multipurpose approach to ensure the quality and reliability of electronic components:

• reliability and stability of electronic components and electronic equipment research;
• inspection and failure analysis of electronic components and radioelectronic equipment using modern physical and technical methods and means
• qualification, certification and screening tests of electronic components domestic and foreign production
• Development of technical documentation and  support of the regulations stock regarding  electronic components
• certification of quality management systems

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  • spravo4nyi material
    Reference material developed for the activity of the authorized institution
  • video 943569 960 720
    “RSRI “Electronstandart”: participation in a television show on vocational counseling for high school students
  • sport
    Electronstandart and Ferrite-Domen: sports tournaments
  • metodika soglasovan
    Recommended practice agreed upon with the department of radioelectronic industry of the ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation
  • gosudarstvennogo zagaz4ika
    The application form for execution of examination of the programs and methods for certification tests has been posted
  • v rossii
    “Petersburg electronics journal” # 1 of 2017
  • PJE 2017
    “Petersburg electronics journal” # 1 of 2017
  • upolnomo4enna9
    Designated institution of the state customer of EEE
  • seminar 2
    Participation in the technical seminar "Technological solutions for multilead micromodule packaging"
  • vakansii 2017
    JSC “RSRI “Electronstandart” at the Saint Petersburg electrotachnical university "LETI” job fair
  • itogi 2017
    “Certification of EEE-2017” conference. Outcome
  • spravo4nik
    JSC RSRI "Electronstandart" has prepared a reference material
  • ISSN
    «Petersburg electronics journal" has been registered at the National Agency ISSN
  • pere4en uslug cen
    List of services and prices for Information service for the year of 2017
  • konferenci9 2016 2
    “Certefication of EEE-2017” conference


Tests and research of radioelectronic equipment and electronic components for military, civil and dual-purposes

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Quality management systems sertification

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Development and reconsideration of military and national standards

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About the institute

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