JSC RSRI Electronstandart standardization activities:
 • ensuring the functioning of the electronic industry standardization system;
 • development and revision of national standardization documents and documents on the standardization of computer products in terms of ECB;
 • improvement of regulatory and technical support of the processes of creation and application of EKBV REA;
 • improvement of the system for providing enterprises of the radio-electronic complex with regulatory documents;
 • provision of interested enterprises with documents on standardization and provision of consulting services in the field of standardization..

JSC RSRI Electronstandart is the developer of  the“Complex interdepartmental standardization program for military equipment in the field of electronic component base for 2012-2020”, which includes the development of over 200 national standards and changes. The program involves development of the following documents:
· standards of the electronic component base System of product development and launching into manufacture;
· national standards on the promising ECB development directions;
· standards on the assessment of ECB resistance to various factors including cosmic space;
· standards ensuring optimization of ECB test program;
· scientific and technical documentation regulating requirements for microcircuits design;

As an electronic equipment certification authority, JSC RSRI Electronstandart has been representing Russia in the International Electrotechnical Commission for over 50 years. Also it administers the secretariat of the 303 Rosstandart  standardization technical committee.

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Head center of translation

The Head standardization center of translation and special language services

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Information and reference system

Directories on the characteristics of the electronic components

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Уполномоченная организация Гос.заказчика ЭКБ

В области рассмотрения и согласования программ и методик сертификационных испытаний ЭКБ



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