Qualification tests

The ECB qualification tests are the control tests of the first industrial batch of products newly developed during the performance of experimental and design works for compliance with the specified requirements specification.

These tests include all kinds of tests provided by the regulatory documents for the device.

Qualification tests performed in the testing center

  • Resonating frequency tests;
  • Absence of resonating frequency of the construction in the specified range;
  • vibration resistance tests;
  • Vibration strength tests;
  • Shock resistance tests (multiple shock);
  • Shock durability tests(multiple shock);
  • Single shock tests;
  • Linear acceleration tests;
  • Acoustic noise tests;
  • High and low temperature tests;
  • Ambient temperature change tests;
  • Hoar and dew tests;
  • High humidity tests;
  • High and low pressure tests;
  • Solar radiation tests;
  • Dynamic and static dust tests;
  • Mold tests;
  • Salt fog test;
  • Rain, drip proofness and water proofness tests;
  • Leak tightness tests;
  • Fire safety tests;
  • Control of humidity in package tests.
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