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Scope of accreditation of the Test center


cert fsskt tn

     Accreditation certificate of test center  (VCR "Electroncert", 2018  )
     Certificate appendix
licenziya na proizvodstvo vooruzeniya MPT mini       License for the development, production, testing, installation, installation, maintenance, repair, disposal and sale of weapons and military equipment (Minpromtorg, 2014)
mek mini

     Сertificate of conformity (IEC)
sert fsskt do2021 mini
     Certification System “Federal System of Space-System Engineering Certification”
     Certificate appendix
  ss smk ispitaniya ES 2018

     Сertificate of conformity of the QMS for the development and production (in terms of testing) of products (Electronsert, 2018г)
     Certificate appendix



member of holding
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