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The fund of domestic standards (scientific documentation)

    • State military standards
    • Dual-use standards
    • General industrial standards
    • National governing documents
    • Military governing documents

Fund of performance specifications

    • Military equipment
    • General industrial equipment

providing information and referense services for enterprises,
situated in Russian Federation
for the year of 2018 

№п.п. Service  Approximate cost (w/o VAT)  VAT rate 
Subscription services for enterprises and organizations
(purchase, accounting, storage, selection, data updating according to the current information and distribution of the requested documentation):
- maintenance of standard technical documentation (ОСТ 11, РД 11, РМ 11, ГОСТ В.., ГОСТ РВ…, ГОСТ Р, etc.);
- providing enterprises and organizations of any type, public or private, with information on maintenance (validation, cancellation, substitution) of national military standards, national standards and standard technical documentation;
- providing enterprises and organizations with information on technical characteristics of ECB according to technical conditions;
- information on tracing copyright holders and manufacturers according to the ECB nomenclature;
- payment of postage expenses for the requested documentation distribution;
- providing information on standard technical documentation and technical conditions for the products of other industries.

Annual user charge is 12 500 rub.  20% 


Providing guide sheets (reference books) of technical characteristics of electronic component base (ECB) according to the publication plan

from 140.00 rubles per 1 conventional printed sheet on paper 

from 120.00 rubles
per 1 conventional printed sheet in the electronic format on CD
40 000,00 rubles. -
5 active accounts

Предоставление доступа к информационно справочной системе электронной компонентной базы отечественного производства по электрическим, техническим и эксплуатационным параметрам 40 000,00 rubles. -
5 active accounts

plus 7 000,00 rubles. –
per 1 active account above the fifth
1 000,00 rubles. ─ nonexclusive intellectual property right VAT free
Providing enterprises and organizations with:
- reference material “List of valid documents on standardization in terms of electronic component base”

- reference material “Nomenclature of the foreign electronic component base previously permitted for limited (individual) use in special-purpose electronic equipment having no domestically produced analogs which production is not guaranteed by the manufacturers” Volume 1-2016

- reference material “Nomenclature of the foreign electronic component base previously permitted for limited (individual) use in special-purpose electronic equipment with special terms and conditions of its implementation”
Volume 1 – 2017

- reference material.  “Manufacturers of foreign electronic component base producing the advanced performance devices” Volume #1 - 2017
- the provision “Foreign electronic component base”. The content and procedure of certification testing” РЭК 05.002/4/1-2015
- method recommendations “The procedure of preparing the initial materials for technical expert evaluation of technical justifications for choosing the method of certification tests for the foreign electronic component base to confirm the conformity of the arms, military and special equipment samples to the application conditions in radioelectronic equipment”

20 000,00 rubles.

50 000,00 rubles.

60 000,00 rubles.

15 000,00 rubles.

3 000,00 rubles.

10 000,00 rubles.







Expert evidence:
- project of technical conditions for the newly developed ECB;
- programs and methods of ECB certification testing;
- technical justification of the selected certification tests

15 400,00 rubles.

20 000,00 rubles.



17 000,00 rubles. -
up to 20
part types


850,00 rubles. -
per one part type (when the part type includes over 20 units)

6 Assigning the four-digit letter codes for the companies developing design documentation according to GOST 2.201 5 750,00 rubles 20%
7 Providing the enterprises and organizations with state military standards and normative technical documentation (ОСТ 11…, РМ 11…, РД 11…, РММ…) assigned to JSC “RSRI ”Electronstandart”. Contract 10%
Providing the enterprises with the subscription publication of the “Petersburg electronics journal” of 2018 (4 journals per year) 12 000,00 rubles. 10%

Tel./fax: (812) 676-28-73
Gavrilova, Marina Arkadyevna, chief engineer of the information department;
Rehkolainen, Lyudmila Petrovna, director of the information department.

e-mail ― This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Draft agreement
Information letter № 30-2/150/224 от 19.02.2019
List of services and prices providing information and reference services for enterprises, situated in Russian Federation for the year of 2018
Order form 
Publication plan for the year of 2018

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