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Mechanical factors

Test Center makes tests the ECB and electronic equipment:

  • to determine the critical frequency / the absence of critical frequencies;
  • impact of the effects of sinusoidal vibration with an increased value of acceleration;
  • impact of Vibration;
  • strength impact;
  • shock resistance;
  • effects of single shocks;
  • effect of linear acceleration;
  • effects of acoustic noise;
  • pin tests on the effect of tensile force;
  • tests of flexible wire pins to torsion tests of flexible wire and tape pins, petade pins for bending;
  • threaded pins tests on the effect of torque.

Tests of electronic components and equipment are carried out in accordance with the requirements of GOST RV, MIL-STD and IEC publications. 


 k-30000-min     stm 50 sm 
TV59320-min  au-1-min  


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