SC "RRI "Electronstandart" has supported the "Machine engineering day with ASCON"

JSC "RRI "Electronstandar" has supported the "Machine engineering day with ASCON  2016" held in Saint Petersburg on October 12, 2016.

Specialist of the production department, P.S. Kuvalkin and S.Y. Vovk,

attended the presentation and were fully engaged in discussion of the latest ASCON software capabilities:

1. The new version of the computer-aided design system KOMPAS-3D V17.

2. The new version of Lotsman:PLM - ready-to-use process and methodological solutions for design-engineering production preparation.

3. Preview of the new MDM-system for an enterprise engineering reference data management. 

4. Process CAD system VERTICAL.

The industry specialists shared positive results of the product introduction as well as possible solutions in terms of combining new and existing software complexes within one enterprise or cooperation.

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